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Poplar Flute Key of F

This flute is beautiful and sounds so lovely. I love the deeper sound and that it is just as easy to play as the F#!

Basic Flute key of A - Dark Stained Cedar.

High quality product! Thank you very much!

Nice flute

Nice flute ,in tune and delivered on time .
Thanks “stellar flutes “ team.

Amazing flute

resonant sound, pleasent smooth high notes ,
I love this flute ,
Thank you !

D flute purchase

The flute sounds great!
I am also looking for a mid to mid high A flute with a different more patterned wood and smaller bird . Want to bring it for travel in suitcase. Any suggestions are welcomed😊

Flute kit

Enjoy working with the kit. Would like to see it offered in other woods.

Kit of G

Happy with the kit. Sounds nice. Have to learn to play it still. Was expecting, for some reason, the cedar to be redder in color. This one looks like pine in color. But, no worries, it'll play the same. Thanks, should provide hours of learning and hopefully hours of enjoyment playing for real afterwards.

Extra Kit Block
Rodney Taylor

Extra Kit Block

Sweet Flutes!

After purchasing my first Stellar flute (F#), I purchased 2 more in different keys (G and A) within a week! I love my Stellar flutes--easy to play, sweet sounding, and so beautifully crafted! I looked at a lot of other flute-makers online, but was drawn to Stellar because I loved the simplicity of their flute design. I appreciate the silky finish, the scent of the wood, and of course, how easy it is to begin playing lovely tunes. The flutes shipped immediately and came well-packaged with an informative booklet. I am learning quickly and sharing my love for these flutes with others, hoping to get more people interested in playing. I highly recommend this flute-maker.

MyGranddaughter loves it.

Beautiful craftsmanship

I love my flute! Beautiful tone and plays wonderfully.

Birdseye Maple key of D -#3735
Sheryl Kelley

This flute is visually stunning, with beautiful Birdseye marking and figuring the length of the flute. It's sound is every bit as beautiful and it is responsive to support great expression in playing. The craftsmanship in this instrument is wonderful -- it is beautifully made. Thank you for an amazing flute.

Douglas Fir key of E Flute
Mitzi Bell Yslas
Love this flute!

This flute has a beautiful voice and will be used in recording on our new album. All of my flute purchases from Stellar are of exceptional quality and it’s always a pleasure to receive a new one. Thank you for your excellent customer service as well. Mitzi

Amazing sound and quality!

The D flute is superb! It accepts a good volume of air, which makes it ideal for a wide range of song styles. The risk of an embarrassing overblow, is significantly decreased compared to the other major flute maker in the US. Stellar Flutes are a quality flute maker.

Flute Bag
Mainor Briceno
Iroko F# Premiere Flute #4459

Great Flute, Raven Block, and Bag…. excellent customer service and fast delivery, highly recommend,thank you very much Lily.

Walnut in the key of G
James Devine
Best customer service ever

Lily was very helpful in picking out a flute and exchange was effortless. Very prompt and helped us understand what options were


I have been having a blast working on my F# flute. The quality of the wood used to make these is spot on. I definitely recommend Stellar flutes.

Iroko - key of G

My Iroko in the key of G is sounds great and the brown color variations are fantastic! I also appreciate the heft and feel of a hardwood flute.

"A" flute kit. .

I am about 50% done and couldn't be happier. All components are perfect and the voice and tuning are spot on..I will be making many more in the future.

Amazing work

Really nice piece of work, I am satisfied

Oregon Ash in the key of G -2017
DD Travers
Beautiful sound

Absolutely love my new Oregon Ash - G Stellar flute. Beautiful crafted and easy to play.

Douglas Fir in the key of D -#3251
Mitzi Bell Yslas
Love These Flutes!

Douglas Fir is my most recent purchase of many flutes from Stellar. She is in the key of D and has a beautifully clear sound which is easily heard when played acoustically. Nicely handcrafted and made of great quality wood as always. Very happy with this purchase. I have multiple Stellar flutes in the same keys to make easy access to availability in times of heavy use or during recording sessions when wet out occurs. I’m never dissatisfied with my purchases and look forward to many more. Thanks!

A wonder flute

I got this flute for my friend Mark who had his fist stroke 24 years ago. He currently only has use of his right hand. When I showed it to him, he broke into the largest smile I have ever seen on him.
The quality and beauty of the flute is excellent. Mark was able to start playing this flute with ease after just a few guiding step of how to cover the holes. He does have to rest the foot of the flute on his leg to help him hold it especially when all holes are open. This flute will help him with the dexterity of his fingers, his breathing, and increase brain activity.
I have nothing but high praise for this flute and for the Stellar flute company. Mark and I strongly recommend this flute for anyone who needs/wants to play a one handed flute.
Thank you Stellar flutes!


prompt deliver, just as described

Basic Flute Key of F# -Natural Heartwood Cedar. Review

Hi Guys, the flute arrived quickly and is great. I just need to put the time in to become better. Very satisfied, thank you