Create Your Musical Masterpiece with Our Pre-Tuned Wooden Flute DIY Kits

Embark on a journey of musical craftsmanship with our Wood Flute Making DIY Kits. With options for every level of woodworker from beginner to experienced, experience the joy of creating your own native American style wooden flute from scratch. Unlock a world of satisfaction and self-expression. Crafting your musical instrument is not just a woodworking project; it's a therapeutic endeavor that allows you to connect with this instrument on a profound level.

Our flute making kits have been used nation wide by schools, Tribes, rehab centers and other groups for teaching woodworking, music and the art of flute making to adults and children alike. If you are interested in learning about our group flute making discounts, Email Us Today! We will make sure you not only get the best price, but choose the right flute kits for your project. Click To Learn More

Flute Making Videos

Learn how to make a flute!

Experience The Joy Of Crafting And Music

Imagine the delight of producing beautiful melodies from a flute crafted by your own hands. Our kits are designed to provide an engaging and enjoyable experience, making the process accessible to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. The fun of creating your flute goes beyond the final product, it's about the hands-on journey of shaping and perfecting your unique musical creation.

Our flute making kits all come with Easy-to-follow instructions making the process accessible to all skill levels. Our ongoing support and resources, ensuring a rewarding and enduring musical journey.

Explore the therapeutic benefits of engaging in the creative process, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. Used by many PTSD and Rehab centers nation wide, our flute making kits offer the maker the unique opportunity to heal through music. The act of carving the flute bonds the maker with the instrument allowing a deeper connection to the healing properties of
flute playing. Many find that playing the flute allows them to express and process emotions that may be difficult to speak about.

Our flute kits are made of the same high-quality western red
cedar as our finished flutes, ensuring the longevity and excellent sound
quality of your creation

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