Unlock Harmony with Our Native American Style Drone Double Flutes

Experience the soulful resonance of our Drone Double Native American style flutes. These unique instruments are unlike any other. With their double flute construction and two separate mouth holes they allow the flute player to embellish their song by playing a single side or both sides of the flute at once. Our distinctive construction includes an additional fingering hole on the drone side.  Learn to play both sides of the Drone Flute at once for a mesmerizing experience.

Harmony in Duality: Our Double Flute Collection

Our Drone flutes are the perfect way to advance your flute playing. Ideal for those who have some flute playing experience already, these
unique double flutes will become the star of any flute players collection.

Discover the craftsmanship and unique features that make our Drone Flutes exceptional. Made in both a right handed and left handed version.
Our Double Flutes have an additional fingering hole on the drone side which allows
the player to choose between two harmony notes. With practice the player can
learn to play this drone hole with one hand while playing the fingering holes with
the other, creating a richer, more immersive auditory experience.

Our flutes, especially the Drone Double Flutes, are beloved in meditation spaces. Their soothing tones and meditative qualities create a
serene environment, fostering spiritual connection and inner tranquility. Explore the transformative power of our instruments in mindfulness practices. Whether you seek personal reflection, ceremonial rituals, or meditative experiences, our Drone Flutes resonate with timeless beauty.

 At the heart of our flutes is artisanal excellence. Each
instrument is a testament to the dedication and skill of our team, who meticulously hand carve and shape each Drone Flute, incorporating woodworking techniques
rooted in tradition. The care and precision that goes into crafting each Drone
flute will be apparent. Each instrument a masterpiece in itself.