Group Flute Making For Tribes, Groups, & Schools

We want to share this wonderful instrument with as many people as possible. To make these flutes more accessible to Tribes, groups and schools  who will use them for teaching purposes we offer a special 25% discount on our Basic Flutes and our Pre tuned flute making kits.

Use the contact form to place your order so we can make sure you get the discount and the correct tax status on your order. 


 Not sure what to order? We can help.  We have years of experience working with tribes, groups and schools and even teaching in person. The best key of flute will depend on the age of the people who you will be working with. Give us more details about what age your group participants will be, what kind of space you will be working in and how long your project will last, and we can help you choose the right flutes to guarantee a fun and successful experience for everyone!

Are you using grant money to pay for your order?

We can suggest an order that will help you get the most for the money you have been granted. Don’t let it go to waste!

If you are still seeking funding for your project, we can write up a quote to share.

If your Tribe or school is struggling to afford the full amount of funding for your project. Please reach out to us. Our goal is to make these flutes accessible to everyone and we may be able to help.

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