Basic Flute key of G - Dark Stained Cedar


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This dark stained cedar flute has a homemade stain applied to darken the wood and give it a weathered, aged look. They will have a lighter colored block to contrast, and are signed with gold ink on the back.

Our Basic flute in the key of G is our most popular flute. It it a wonderful versatile key that is suitable for a flute player of any skill level. This key pairs well with guitar and is a must have for any flute enthusiast. It has a mellow, soothing voice.


The key of G is a medium sized flute. 23 ½ inches long with a 7/8 inch bore. The fingering holes are (from center to center) approximately 1 1/8 inch apart. The distance from the mouth end of the flute to the first finger hole is approximately 10 1/8 inches.

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About Native American style flutes in the key of G

Native American style flutes in the key of G have a mellow, soothing voice. This is our most popular key of flute because it has a low voice, but it is small enough that most people can easily play it. G is a great key for a beginner flute player.

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We offer free lifetime support and repairs on all of our flutes, and we are happy to exchange your flute if it isn't the right fit for you. Buy with confidence and start your flute playing journey today!

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Extra Kit Block


These kit blocks have a 7/16 groove that is suitable for all three keys of our pre tuned kit as well as our Basic flutes and our Premiere flutes in the keys of A, G, F#, F, E ,and D. Choose between our various animal shaped blocks or our unshaped block.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Leanna Harris
Beautiful craftsmanship

I love my flute! Beautiful tone and plays wonderfully.

Caralyn Reynolds
I love it!!!

I recently purchased a basic flute in the key of G. I absolutely love it!!! It is very easy to play and I am really enjoying exploring the different sounds it is capable of!!! I really am impressed with both the beauty and quality of the instrument and the service that Stellar provides. It is very nice to have access to the video lesson library too! Thank you very much!!!!

Matt Manship
I Received the wrong Flute

I ordered my flute on Dec 23rd. It was,supposed to be in the Key of G. The flute I Received was in the Key of A. It is a Beautiful Flute but not what I ordered. Contacted customer service twice with no reply. Very disappointed.

Richard Tyira
Basic flute G -dark cedar

New to flute. Very nice looking instrument and sound quality. Looking forward to getting involved in it. Love the meditative quality of the music produced.

Lynda Heath
Love my Flute

I never knew what I was missing, until the voice of your flute took me to my happy place. Thank you!