Beginner Flutes

Choosing your first Native American flute, best flutes for beginners

It can be overwhelming to try and choose your first flute. On this page you will find our suggestions for the best flutes for beginners as well as helpful beginner flute playing tutorials and other resources to help you get off to a great start with your new flute.

Below you will find our recommended beginner flutes. We have options in both a simple style of flute we call our “Basic” and a more decorative model we call our “Premiere”. Both are great choices. The difference between them is primarily cosmetic so choose the flute that fits your budget and your style. If you do prefer a flute to travel with, consider buying a Premiere in a hardwood such as walnut, cherry, hickory, ash, or poplar as these are more durable flutes

Key of A Flutes

Below are two options for native American style key of A flutes. This key of flute is ideal for beginner flute players who have smaller hands. The A flute is short in length and the fingering holes are close enough together that most people can comfortable play them.

Key of G Flutes

Below you will find two options for key of G Native American style flutes. This is our most popular key of flute because of its soothing lower voice. I find most beginners can comfortably reach all the fingering holes on the G even though it is a little bigger than the key of A.

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