More About Premiere Flutes

What is a Premiere flute?

Stellar “Premiere” flutes are unique and beautiful handmade Native American style flutes tuned to the pentatonic minor scale and the universal 440 hz tuning. Meticulously tuned and tested, each flute produces harmonious melodies that elevate your musical performances to new heights. Explore what makes the sound of our flutes truly exceptional. From the precision of the finger hole placement to the expertly machined angles of our sound holes, every detail is crafted to enhance resonance and create a captivating musical
experience. Our skilled team of artisans dedicate hours to handcrafting
instruments that are not just musical tools but also works of art. Precision,
passion, and woodworking tradition converge in every flute we create.

Why should you choose a Premiere flute?

Each Premiere flute is a testament to our commitment to excellence in both material selection and craftsmanship. While our Basic model flutes are aimed at beginner flute players, the Premiere flutes are aimed at people who are ready to advance their flute playing and at professional musicians. They are available in a full range of keys from very high voiced alto flutes to deep bass flutes. They are each expertly tuned to the universal concert tuning 440hz so they will be compatible with other instruments. Unlike our less expensive Basic flutes, each Premiere is photographed and demonstrated in a video so you can get a feel for the flute before you buy it.

What woods are Premiere flutes made from?

Our Premiere flutes are crafted from a variety of beautiful and unique wood types. Experience the unique tones each wood produces, from the smooth and smokey voice of cedar, to the bright and clear voice cherry. We select the finest woods from local and sustainable sources to ensure the highest quality instruments. Most of the woods we buy are FSC certified which means they were sustainably harvested, and the workers were paid a fair wage to harvest and process the wood. Sustainability is very important to us so we never use endangered exotic woods.

How are Premiere flutes different from Basic Flutes

The Premiere flutes offer customers a more individualized and unique flute. Each one is photographed and demonstrated in a video so you can hear and see the flute you are buying. They are made from unique and beautiful woods and are available in a wide range of keys. They feature a hand wrapped colorful decoration and a decorative block in the shape of a stylized animal, we call it a Stellar bird. The Premiere flutes have two additional
coats of varnish applied to the Slow Air Chamber (SAC) which provides more durability against moisture from your breath.

Rest assured all of our flutes have the same amount of care given to tuning and voicing regardless of cost.