Western red cedar in the key of hi D - #1504



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This tiny flute is made from a medium colored piece of western red cedar. The wood has a nice bold grain pattern and some subtle color shifts. This flute has a bright and responsive voice. The fingering holes came out irregular in size so I have reduced the price a bit for this minor flaw. This has no effect on the flutes voice.



The High D is about 16 inches long with a 5/8 inch bore diameter. It’s about 8 1/8 inches from the mouth end to the middle of the first fingering hole, and the fingering holes are 5/8 of an inch apart from center to center.

Is This The Right Flute For Me?

Native American style flutes in the key of high D

Native American style flutes in the key of high D have a bright and responsive voice reminiscent of a songbird. These are our highest pitched and tiniest flutes that we currently make. You may not think that you would like a high-pitched flute but there is something so delightful about playing these flutes. The fingering holes are close together which can make them hard to play for people that have large fingers.

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