Western red cedar in the key of F - #3400



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This lovely flute is made from a lighter colored piece of western red cedar. Its voice is deep and resonant. It is a little different that our other key of F flutes. It is shorter in length and doesn't have the four direction holes around the base. It's compact size might make it better for traveling and hiking with, just remember to protect it because cedar is a softwood. 

I have reduced the price a bit for an oddly shaped fingering hole. This is just a minor visual flaw. it's not noticeable while playing the flute. 


This flute has a 1 inch bore diameter and is about 25 inches long, about 10 and 1/4 inches from the mouth end to the first fingering hole. The fingering holes are clustered in groups of three to make them easier to reach. The first set of holes are are about 1 1/8 inches apart from center to center the second set are about 1 1/4 inches apart.

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About Native American style flutes in the key of F

Native American style flutes in the key of F have a deep and haunting voice. They have the same fingering hole placement as our F# flutes, but they are made in a 1 inch bore diameter rather then a 7/8 inch. This makes them a little more difficult to play, so they might not be a good choice for someone who is just learning to play the flute.

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