Spanish Cedar in the key of A - 2053


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This flute is made out of a beautiful piece of Spanish cedar. It has an interesting shimmering section of grain near the foot end on one side that catches the light and is truly beautiful to look at. It has a lovely subtle cedar smell that you can smell through the varnish. It smells like some foreign spice and is delightful in my opinion. Its voice is bright and sweet


This flute is about 21 ½ inches long, 9 ½ inches from the mouth end to first hole, and the holes are 1 inch apart center to center.

Is This The Right Flute For Me?

About Native American style flutes in the key of A

Native American style flutes in the key of A have a sweet and cheerful voice. This key of flute is small enough that most people can easily play it. If you are trying to choose a flute for a child, or someone with small hands, this would be an excellent choice.

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