Pre Tuned Flute Making Kit Key of A


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Our Native American style flute making kit in the key of A is hand made out of western red cedar and tuned to the pentatonic minor scale. This is a great key for beginners. It is small enough that most people can easily hold it and reach all of the fingering holes. The voice of an A is bright and cheerful.

All of our six hole Native American style flute kits are produced in the same careful way as our Premiere, and Basic flutes. They are carefully tuned and fully playable when you get them. Choose an unshaped block or one of seven animal silhouettes. Simple instructions are included. Stellar flute kits make great gifts, can be bought for school or youth group projects and are great for woodworkers and wood carvers of any skill level. Stellar flute kits offer you a very inexpensive way to experience our great sounding flutes.


This flute is about 21 ½ inches long, 9 ½ inches from the mouth end to first hole, and the holes are 1 inch apart center to center.

Is This The Right Flute For Me?

About Native American style flutes in the key of A

Native American style flutes in the key of A have a sweet and cheerful voice. This key of flute is small enough that most people can easily play it. If you are trying to choose a flute for a child, or someone with small hands, this would be an excellent choice.

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We offer free lifetime support and repairs on all of our flutes, and we are happy to exchange your flute if it isn't the right fit for you. Buy with confidence and start your flute playing journey today!

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Flute Bag


Our black polar fleece Native American flute flute bag features an embordered logo patch, a durable nylon shoulder strap, an a leather draw string.  All of our carrying cases are handmade in the USA !

Our standard bags will fit a Stellar flute in the key of A, G, F#, F, and E.  If you have a flute in a higher or lower key please specify in the order notes. If you add a flute bag to an order with a flute, you will receive a bag that fits the flute ordered unless you comment that you need a different size case. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nick Kopcha
"A" flute kit. .

I am about 50% done and couldn't be happier. All components are perfect and the voice and tuning are spot on..I will be making many more in the future.

Nima Kian
Perfect kit

Extremely happy with my purchase, the best money spent, Highly recommend who is interested in Native American flute.

Michael Nussey

Fast shipping, looks great, plays great. Thank-you

Ray Sims
Great Service and Products

Made my second order for the pre-tuned A kits. Response and shipping were amazing. Great people to do business with.

Steve Monesmith
Pre Tuned kit

Right out of the box Flute key was spot on. After some careful shaping I have a flute that I am happy and proud to play I would recommend stellar to all my friends and whoever may be reading my review. I have purchased a premier flute in the key of G and 2 pre tuned kits and will be purchasing another in the near future. A+