Refurbished Cherry in the key of F# -#1440



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This flute is was made in 2021 and found it’s way back to us. It has been refurbished with a new coat of varnish and new leather. It is made from cherry wood and since it is a few years old the wood has already started to darken in color. Eventually it will be a dark red color. It is a hard and durable wood with a silky smooth feel. This flute has a unique voice, it has a smoky quality so please listen to the demo video to make sure you like this voice before buying. 

This flute is made from FSC certified wood.  FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.


This flute is 24 inches long with a 7/8 inch bore. The fingering holes are (from center to center) approximately 1 1/8 inch apart. The distance from the mouth end of the flute to the first finger hole is approximately 10 ¾ inches.

Is This The Right Flute For Me?

About Native American style flutes in the key of F#

Native American style flutes in the key of F# have a low and soothing voice. They are a great key for beginners however might not be a good choice for someone with small hands. The fingering hole stretch is a little longer on and F# flute then it is on a G or an A flute.

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