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Our goal is to make learning about the Native American style flute as easy and strait forward as possible. On this page you will find picture and video tutorials that will help you become more familiar with this instrument. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please email us for further help. We are here for you!

Learn the basics

A Quick guide to playing your new flute.

A full guide to the Native American style flute

An oldie but a goody, we recorded this video quite a while ago but it is still a very useful tool for beginners. It will walk you through the basics of playing and caring for a Stellar flute.

how to put your flute block on

Your flute block is the little piece that is tied on top of your flute. It is either bird shaped if you have a standard or low profile if you have a basic or a drone flute. The only important part of the block is the bottom which has a precision cut groove. In the video below I explain what the function of the block is and how to properly place it on your flute. I use a basic flute in the video, but the same advice applies to all of our flutes and flute making kits.

How to read the stellar universal fingering chart

A quick guide on how to read the fingering chart that comes along with our Basic and Premiere flutes. A simplified version with only 4 keys also comes along with our Drone Flute Making Kits, Pretuned Flute Kits and Prebored Flute Making Kits.

Comparing Premiere Flute keys

Comparing Basic Flute Keys

Flute Parts

Here is a quick video that runs through what we call the various parts of the flute. These are not universal names for the flute parts. Lots of flute makers and flute enthusiasts have different words for these flute parts.