Tools and Equipment  For Group Flute making Projects

We have designed several tools to aid in the class or group production of flutes. Tool prices are shown below.

Tools Include:

The dip tube,
drip rack and accessories


Fill the tube with varnish and using the lag bolt screwed into the mouth hole of the flute, submerge the flute completely in the varnish allowing the inside and outside of the flute to be coated with varnish.

Remove the flute and using a paper towel and the flute swab swab out the inside of the flute and wipe excess varnish from the outside of the flute.

Place the flute on the drip rack attached to the dip tube and allow the excess varnish to run out of the flute.

The hold-down and bar clamp
$17.50 ea

Using the bar clamp, clamp the hold-down to
the workbench. this tool enables you to push away from yourself with a pocket plane or sand paper while keeping the flute from sliding around. It aids in shaping and sanding the flute.


The Pocket Plane
$5.00 ea

A pile of pocket planesThe Pocket Plane is used to shape the flute. It removes wood in a controllable way by shaving small layers off with each pass.

Assorted sandpaper

A pile of sandpaperThe sand paper comes in assorted grits from 80 through 220.
Starting with the 80 grit sandpaper you begin to smooth the flute removing scratches made by the previous step. 100 grit paper removes the 80 grit scratches. Keep up the process finishing with the 220 grit sandpaper.

Free Informational Videos:

"Kit Project"

The Group Leader's Guide to Flute Making.
In this video we walk you through the process of flute making using our tools. We offer a few helpful hints on how to stay organized with a large group of people.

"Getting Started"

The Beginner's Guide to the Native American Style Flute.
In this video we show you how to play your new flute. We also show how to care for your flute.