Picking out your first flute over the web without actually getting to test it out might seem a bit challenging. There are lots of options, wood, key, style, which may feel a bit overwhelming at first glance, but I am here to help!

A group of four Stellar Basic flutes.

Flute key and Length

The higher the key the shorter the flute is and closer together the fingering holes are, and there for the easier it is to play. So should you get the highest key? No. why? Because most people like the sound of a lower flute better so I usually start people with a flute in the lowest key that they can comfortably play. And that usually is:

A Stellar Premiere flute made out of Curly Maple.

Key of G

I place most people with a flute in the key of G. almost everyone, men, women, and children, can usually cover all the holes on a G flute. The key of G is a rich and beautiful tone. It is by far our most popular key making up about half of our flute sales. But there are other considerations:

Do you Small or Arthritic hands?

If you have very small or inflexible hands, the key of A is a safe place to start.

Do you have Large or flexible hands, or prior experience with instruments (any with strings or holes)?

If you have flexible hands, or proper experience with instruments (my experience is that most instrument experience gives a person more dexterity) I would say that you could choose a flute in A, G or F# to begin with. For a beginner, unless you are very confident that you can make the stretch, I wouldn’t recommend an F or lower.

Comparing Keys

Listen to me play flutes in the keys of A, G, F# and F and decide which key sounds the best to you!

Should I choose a Premiere or a Basic flute?

This is primarily a decision of cost. Our Basic flutes are more affordable and our Premiere flutes are more unique and beautiful. That said, they both have the same top quality tuning and voicing.

A close up of the cotton wrapping on a group of Stellar Premiere flutes.

Premiere Flutes

Our Premiere flutes are the first choice of performers and flute enthusiasts. Often people find that if they invest more money into an instrument, they are more likely to take learning to play seriously. Our Premiere flutes are made of the finest quality local hard and soft woods that are ethically harvested for minimal impact on the environment. Another consideration is that if you plan to travel with your flute, a hardwood is more durable and less likely to be dented or broken.

A group of four Stellar Basic flutes.

Basic Flutes

Our Basic flutes are meant to be affordable without sacrificing quality. They are simple looking and are only made in Western red cedar. An interesting fact about our Basic flutes is that they are made out of cutoffs of hot tub staves (boards used to make cedar hot tubs) that were either too short, or had some flaw in them that made them otherwise unusable. They very well could have been firewood, but we are able to mill around the flaws and save this otherwise top grade dark cedar from being wasted.