What is a Drone flute kit?

A pre tuned Drone flute kit is a fully tuned and playable, square Drone or “double” flute that needs to be shaped sanded and varnished. All of our six hole Drone flute kits are produced in the same careful way as our  completed Drones. We make them in the keys of A, G, F# and F. Each kit includes one square unvarnished, Western red cedar Drone, a matched pair of unshaped blocks,  two leather strap to attach the blocks, and an informational booklet with care and playing instructions.

Is a drone kit right for me?

As far as woodworking goes, a drone kit is not hard to make. They are simple enough that  children can complete them with supervision, and can be made into beautiful ornate pieces of art by the advanced woodworker.

However, a drone flute may not be a good choice for someone who has no previous flute playing experience. If you decide to buy a drone for your first flute, start with one in the key of A or G.

What is involved in making a drone kit?

The square drone must be roughed out before sanding. The best way to do this without power tools is to use a small hand plane or a rasp. A plane is preferable. Once the drone is close to the shape you want it, it is then sanded starting with grit 60 and working up to 220. When the drone is completely sanded it must have 4 coats of polyurethane varnish applied inside and out. This can be done by squirting varnish into the it or by dunking the it.

Supplies list:

  • A small hand plane
  • Sand paper in grits 60,80,100,120,150,220
  • Oil based polyurethane varnish
  • Shop paper towels
  • A small bottle for squirting varnish into the drone

Click here for varnishing instructions

Do you have sound samples available?

Even better! We now have videos of eachkey of Drone kit being played on our shopping cart. To watch the videos, click the SHOP button below, click on the key of drone kit, and click to watch the video below the product description.  

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