Here at Stellar Flutes, we have something for everyone! Concert quality Native American flutes for beginners and Professional flute players, Pre Tuned flute making kits for the hobbyist wood carver and Pre Bored kits for the aspiring flute maker.

Learn how to choose your first Native American flute on the "First Flutes" page, or head over to our “Video Lessons” page for more helpful guides.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, Email support@stellarflutes.com and we can help you select the perfect flute!

Basic Flutes, affordable, simple, elegance Stellar Premiere Flutes :: master craftsmanship, superb voice. Stellar Flute Kits :: Fully playable native flute making kits
Video lessons, the learning center of our website. First flute, find the flute that's right for you. Groups and schools, info about flute making workshops.